Portraits by Marianne, pencil drawings of animals, pets and family members

About Me

My Background

A graduate of Fashion Institute of Technology who has always had a creative side, in 2015 after publishing some of my drawings on facebook I began receiving requests for pencil drawings of animals, picture portraits, family picture portraits, however everyone loves pictures of their pets, especially cats and dogs :-) 

My Medium

I use many different mediums, however my favorite and most commonly requested is pencil. Each idea manifests its own individual style however the drawings are usually based on one or two photos that I use as a base.

My inspiration

After many changes in my life, I have found that drawing relaxes me and is a fantastic escape, I also LOVE it. I think that shows in the end results, some of which you will see at facebook.com/mariannebarfield

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Portraits by Marianne

Email: art@mariannebarfield.com

For a custom request or quote please contact me at : art@mariannebarfield.com